Studios & 1-bed for sale in Tivat, Montenegro

::RENTED:: DON017 - Office or commerical space in Donja Lastva - Tivat, 300€/month

This space is located in Donja Lastva, just next to the main road, on very good location for business purpose. It's on the ground floor of building, modern design with lowered ceilings and good quality of lights and could be used for different kind of business. 
  • size of 16m2
  • room with shelves, work table with chairs, mirror
  • toilet with sink
  • corridor
  • connections for TV cable, internet 
  • connection for water in main room, so there is possibility to make small kitchen space
  • parking places

Tivat Mini Condos - Small, well-designed, modern, central, easy-to-let...

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